HAPPY FALL  --  Our September meeting was a great start to our 2013/2014 year.  We had our Membership Tea hosted by Phyllis Bruce and Cathe Sherman and 6 new members joined our great club.  WELCOME, Cynthia, Eleanor, Imlelda, Linda, Lorraine, Sherrill and Sharon Frigon rejoined.  I will list them at the end so you can add their names to our membership list that is in your yearbook.  If there are any changes to be made to your name, address, phone number or e-mail address, please let Rosemary or Carole know.  Our President, Rosemary West led a very interesting meeting, catching up on mail and some important events coming up.  Of course we had our delicious “goodies” to finish our meeting.


Our first, and very important event, is our annual BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CEREMONY.  It will be held on Wolcott’s Green at 7:00 on the evening of Sept. 30.  It is our first attempt at an evening ceremony and Mary Kelly has planned a very interesting program and Barbara Lupia has been measuring the Green, etc. so we can put luminaries around.  It will be a very memorable ceremony and we will also be placing pink ribbons on our white tree in honor of friends or relatives that have or have had cancer.  A Breast Cancer flag will be raised, a wreath will be placed in the Wolcott Council Chambers and coffee/and will be served.  The tree will remain lighted through the month of October.  Please bring some of your famous finger foods for after the ceremony.


On October 1st we will have our International Dinner meeting.  It will begin at 6:00 in St. Maria Goretti’s Church Hall.  Members are asked to bring a potluck dish to share with others, you may bring the recipe if you wish.  Our speaker will be Police Chief Edward Stephens.  His talk will be about public and police safety and we will be presenting him with a donation toward a personal camera monitor.








October 19th, 10:00 – 3:00  at Alcott School will be our annual Arts and Crafts Fair.  50 crafters will be selling their items, food – hotdogs, stuffed baked potatoes and pies will be sold and of course we will have our baked goods table.  All our members are asked to bake something – even if you can’t attend – and bring it in so we can sell it.  We will have baskets for a raffle and so please bring in items that can be put in the baskets, maybe items of the same theme, and Cyndy makes great baskets out of donated items.  There is no admission so bring all your friends and tell all your neighbors.  This is our biggest fund raiser of the year.

Oct. 19th is also the fall conference for GFWC/CT


Busy Bees met on September 23rd and we will meet again on Oct. 21st from 1:00 to 3:00 at Wolcott Library.  I asked if anyone was interested  in an evening meeting but there was no response, so we will continue meeting in the afternoon.


Our President, Rosemary West, the great e-mailer, wants to stress COMMUNICATION for members.  Those of us that get information by email, please chat with members that maybe have email but don’t check it often or don’t have email at all.  We have Mary Taylor and our telephone committee but please spread information if you can.


On a sad note, we send condolences to Nancy Buonocore on the passing of her husband.  On a happier note we send HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Joan Dolan, Cathe Sherman and Pat Dancer.


Dates to remember:  Sept 30   Breast Cancer Ceremony      7:00

                                      Oct. 1      International Dinner      6:00

                                      Oct. 19    Arts & Crafts Fair  big fund raiser 10-3


                                      Oct. 21    Busy Bees   1 – 3 at Library


Sherrill Ford               115 Center Street              879-6657

Sharon Frigon       26 Colman Drive    879-8320

Linda Gordon          21 Averyll Ave Wolcott    879-2234

Cynthia Herbst      28 Lynwood Drive       879-0366

Eleanor Ramirez      2 Farmingbury Road      203 757-8831 

Lorraine Shea            11 Anita Terrace       879-0545   

Imlelda Wallace     P O Box 6416 Wolcott      879-7145