HELLO LADIES of our great FARMINGBURY WOMAN’S CLUB.  We have had two very successful events  --  BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CEREMONY on Wolcott’s Green and the next night our INTERNATIONAL DINNER.   Many, Many Thanks to Mary Kelly and all her helpers for setting up the tree, putting the pink lights on it, getting the ribbons ready, buying the luminaries, candles, putting sand in the bags so they would not blow away, getting all the speakers, raising the cancer awareness flag, fixing the bow on the wreath and then hanging it in the council chambers, setting up the luminaries and picking them up the next morning, making goodies for the coffee/and part and attending the ceremony.  The paper said 100 people but I counted 85 and didn’t even get all around the gazebo, so we had a wonderful group there.

On Oct. 1st Lois Pecka and Joyce Manca were hostesses at our annual International Dinner.  The hall looked so nice when everyone walked in and placed all the food on the tables  -  what a lot of food we had and it was enjoyed by all.  Chief Stephens gave a talk on scams, etc. and the cameras the department needs for each officer.  We presented him with a check so that they can buy a camera and hopefully all the other clubs will join in and buy one also.  There was a very nice picture in the paper of Mary Ann Sharek, Rosemary West and Cyndy Bissonnette presenting the check to our police chief. Well done members of FWC.


Another big event coming up for us is our Arts and Crafts Fair.  Mary Kelly is chair of this annual fund raiser.  At this writing, the Fair is over and hopefully all went well.  We had very capable chairs of the baked goods, kitchen, potato washing, floor planning, basket raffles, etc. so I am sure we did well.


Our next meeting, November 5th  is also election day  Don’t forget to vote and then plan on coming to the meeting.  I will not be present as we are cruising down the Rhone River in France, but Barbara Lupia will have extra copies of our yearbook and she will pass them out to our new members and those that did not get a book in Sept. or Oct.  At this meeting every year we bring in canned goods and food stuffs for the food pantries at the churches.  Please share again this year as you always have.  Kathy Cosgrove will be leading us in NIA, a lot of fun and also good for you.


Don’t forget our Veterans every day, but especially at Christmas.  Barbara handed out a list of items that the Veterans Affairs office said that the Veterans could use. Please bring them to our Nov. or December meeting so Barb can distribute them for Christmas.


We will be handing out cookies again this year at the Lions Club Winter Wonderland on December 8th.  Please dress warmly because we will be sitting outside.  A few years it even snowed a little and made it more like Christmas time.

Enclosed there is a flyer for our Christmas party.  Sue Mulcahy is in charge this year and it looks like it will be a great time.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Irene Graph – the only November name I have.



Remember :    Nov. 5th           regular meeting please bring canned goods

                                                and non-perishable food items     and also      gifts for Veterans

                          Dec. 3rd         Club Christmas Party

                          Dec. 8th          Winter Wonderland



Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens receives a $650 check from Rosemary West, presi­dent of the Farmingbury Woman’s Club, at St. Maria Goretti Church Tuesday night. The money will be used to purchase a new VIEVU body camera for the police department.
Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Good deeds and good publicity are wonderful,