HELLO LADIES – SPRING IS HERE so the calendar says  but it certainly looks like winter when you look at all the snow.  There are a few flowers trying to grow but the snow is still covering them all.  I hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER, which was very early this year.

Our March 5th meeting was a pot-luck supper with JoAnn Birkenberger in charge.  There was so much food and desserts made by our members and it was all delicious.  Fran Culver and her nominating committee worked very hard this year trying to come up with a full slate.  Mary Taylor, Phyllis Bruce, Lois Pecka, Ruth DeLeo and Fran made many, many calls to members and succeeded in getting most of the positions filled.  As of yet we do not have a President, but hopefully a member will volunteer at our April 2nd meeting.  Snow has been very harsh on Farmingbury Woman’s Club this year.  The latest problem was with the High School Senior Art Contest.  Anita Cullins went to Wolcott High to pick up the art work and the teacher didn’t have them ready.  “Come back tomorrow and they will be ready” she was told.  Well, school was closed due to snow so therefore we didn’t submit anything to the contest.  The next problem was Daffodil Day.  Maryann Gardner got a call that since school would probably be closed due to snow, the Cancer Society would Fed-Ex the daffodils to businesses and schools and also to Maryann’s house.  However the Busy Bees did finally meet at the library and we made many more pillows.  I want to thank the 8 ladies that came to help and maybe when the weather gets better, we will have a larger group.

The next regular meeting is April 2nd at 7:00 at St. Maria Goretti’s Church Hall.  We will have the GFWC/CT President as our guest.  We will also be electing our slate of officers so it is a rather important meeting.                  DUES ARE NOW DUE.               Please bring your check of $20.00, made out to Farmingbury Womans Club, to the meeting or send to Carolann Cote, 12 Wolf Hill Road, 13-E, Wolcott, CT 06716.  

April will be a very busy month for us.  Our meeting is on APRIL 2nd,  our very important Spring Fund Raiser, An ART AUCTION, is being held on APRIL 6 at the Wolcott Senior Center,  APRIL 15th from 1:00 to 3:00 the Busy Bees will meet at the Library.  APRIL 20th is our annual Bowling Banquet, also held at Reitdyke Senior Center, APRIL 24th is GFWC Federation Flag Day and we raise the GFWC flag in front of Town Hall, and APRIL 27th is District 5 Day.  This year Dist. Day will be at the Manor Inn in Southington and several members are going.  The blue ribbon winners from our arts and crafts night, Diane Colangelo, Helene Sweeney, Sandy Fitzner and Kathy Cosgrove will compete for ribbons again and 25 year membership pins will be given out and Helen Audibert, Shirley Dancer and Jane Maloney will be receiving their 25-year pins.  Congratulations ladies !!!!!

I am still collecting money for our Sandra Lofgren Scholarship and so far we have $450.00.


Last month I didn’t have room for all the March birthdays  so Happy belated Birthday to Jean Iris, JoAnn Birkenberger, Carole Mueller, Cyndy Bissonnette, Beverly Medina and Lucille Garrigus.

HAPPY APRIL BIRTHDAY to Marilyn Katiliius.

Bakers for the month of April are Jean Iris and Pat Dancer.

Please remember     DUES   ARE   DUE

Our important fund raiser an ART AUCTION will be on April 6.  Kathy Newvine needs all kinds of help during the day and also during the auction.  We also need members to sell all the tickets they can and we NEED 100 people there all night to earn $1,000.00.


  In May some dates to remember:  May 7th is Installations Banquet,

  JoAnn Birkenberger has the flyers already made and May 11th is SPECIAL GAMES.