Our January, 2014 meeting was attended by only 16 or 17 hardy souls.  It was much too cold for some of us, but we thank the ladies that did attend.  I understand we had a new member also attending.


Seeing as there were not many of us at the January meeting, the Secret Pal subject did not come up.  I will have slips for you to fill out if you are interested in being and having a Secret Pal.  It is a fun thing to do, all it requires is for you to remember who she is, when her birthday and/or anniversary is and send cards for holidays to her.  At our Christmas party we reveal who are Secret Pals are and usually exchange a small gift.  If you want to be a Secret Pal, you can fill out the slips at our Feb 4th meeting, or send the following information to Carole Mueller, 41 Patricia Lane:  name       address          birthday          anniversary and I will enter it into the “hat”.

Rosemary and Pat attended the GFWC/CT President’s Board Meeting on January 18th.  They delivered the reports that Barbara Lupia had prepared.  President Rosemary had to give a 3 minute speech on our club’s activities and they enjoyed listening to other clubs and the many things they did during the year.


January 27th was our meeting for Busy Bees.  We didn’t need to meet in December because we had so many pillows finished.


At our February 4th meeting, we will display our Arts and Crafts to be judged.  Ruth DeLeo is our chairlady and she wants you all to know to bring in all your knitted, painted, sewn articles, holiday theme items, jewelry etc.  We hope to have many articles to be judged because we have many talented ladies in our club and it is great to see all the items they have made.  The blue-ribbon winners will enter the District contest and those blue-ribbon winners will enter the state competition in May.  We will probably collect for Arthritis Links that is presented to GFWC at their May meeting and also for the Pennies For Art that goes toward the high school senior art contest.  Audrey Zack will be our speaker and she will talk about angels.

One of our “to do” items is selecting a Nominating Committee.  That is a very important committee because they have the task of getting a list of officers and committee chairs.  A nominating committee is selected in February, the list of officers is presented at the March meeting and voted on at the April meeting then installed in May.  Enclosed with this letter is the List of Officers and Committees.  We would appreciate your filling out this list and bringing it to the February meeting so the nominating committee will know what “job” or “position” you are interested in.  The best way to get to know your club members is to be on a committee, learn all about that committee and its members and have a good time doing it.


The Bakers for February are Cathy Newvine, Jean Iris and Helene Sweeney


HAPPY BIRTHDAY for February to Fran Culver and Rita Longo         have a wonderful year


We send sympathy this month to Jane Maloney on the loss of her mother, to Nancy Renner for the loss of her father and to Charmaine Albini on the loss of her step-mother.  Bless all of you and your families.


I had been talking to Scott at the Print Shop about the sign on the corner of Rt 69 and Rt 322 for quite awhile.  The sign is up now and looks really special.  At the time, I asked him if he would make up a couple of signs, not too large but sturdy, with Farmingbury Woman’s Club on them.  When I picked up the signs, he asked me if our club would be interested in making and maintaining a “garden” under the sign.  It looks like a spot has been made there, but I am not sure just how much digging, etc. is needed.  Our club’s name would be put on the sign as the gardeners.  Rosemary sent out an e-mail about it and had no accepting responses.

It is a very busy corner and a hard place to park to plant and water.  It would be a great thing for us to do, however, we need ladies to volunteer.  Please let us know if you are interested in this project as Scott will be asking some other club to do it if we are not interested.  



Dates to remember:       February 4th                   regular meeting

                                                       17th                    Busy Bees

                                       March      4th                     regular meeting

                                                      17th                  Busy Bees             

                                           April     1st                     regular meeting                                    

                                                         8th                             Waterbury Women’s Club 125th Anniv

                                                      26th                    District Day in New Britain



A little humor/play on words:

                        When she saw her first strands of gray hair …..she thought she’s  dye  !!!!!!!